Beauty experts have revealed why the lesser-known vitamin F is essential for plump and glowing skin.

Dr Imogen Bexfield, who runs White Swan Aesthetics in London, explained how the vitamin, known as linoleic acid, helps keep the skin hydrated.

She added that vitamin F also has anti-inflammatory properties, helping to fight acne and blemishes.

It comes as the ingredient is increasingly being incorporated into skincare products, with Perricone MD recently unveiling its new vitamin F line.

Speaking to FEMAIL, Dr Bexfield said: ‘Vitamin F’s main job is healing the skin’s barrier. So you’re going to love this ingredients if your skin is problematic, dry or acne-prone.

‘[It] plays a huge role in maintaining the water permeability barrier of the skin, helping to make the skin plumper, firmer and hydrated.’

The skincare expert explained how vitamin F is particularly good for those with blemished or dry skin.

‘A low level of vitamin F is one of the things that can cause blockages and breakouts in acne-prone skin so by adding it to your regime you can help treat and target these concerns,’ she explained.

‘This powerhouse ingredient also has benefits to dry and dehydrated skin due to its potent hydrating properties.’

While increasing numbers of skincare products contain vitamin F, Dr Bexfield explained how the ingredient is ‘hidden’ in particular botanical oils, such as rosehip oil, grapeseed oil, hemp seed oil and evening primrose oil.

Explaining the benefits of various vitamins, Dr Bexfield said: ‘We all know that Vitamin C is excellent for brightening the skin, vitamin E shield’s against environmental damage and vitamin A works its magic on lines, wrinkles and exfoliating the skin.

‘Vitamin F just plays a different role – it’s the wonder ingredient for restoring the barrier function of the skin.

Source: Daily Mail