After the house of the Arsoski family from Kicevo burnt down on Tuesday night, the three-member family and their parents were left homeless. The fire affected the entire upper floor of the house with all its furniture burnt down and fortunately there was only material damage.

We appeal to all human citizens, businesses, institutions, the municipality of Kicevo, to stand side by side and unite together to provide financial support to rebuild their home after the catastrophic loss that this family suffered.

Please find below the transaction account that is already active for donations:

NAME and SURNAME: Canko Aleksandar Arsoski
Address of the person: Arso Vojvoda no.41 – Kicevo (if needed)
Transaction account: 210-5017359081.69
Bank: NLB Banka AD Skopje
Purpose of payment: UPL
Reference no: 2404983433015

Let’s be humane and to help the Arsoski family live in their family home again, overcoming the tragedy that shook the city and its surroundings.