On May 19, Borjan Gigov turned 7. This child has multiple diagnoses: autism, alalia, combined developmental disorders … Although he was granted surgical treatment in Germany with stem cells, the mother and father of Borjan, Ane and Trajce, failed to collect enough funds for the treatment Germany, so the surgery was performed in Turkey.

Borjan’s treatment went well in Liv Hospital in Turkey. On Monday, all laboratory tests were carried out and everything was fine, and the stem cell surgery was performed on Tuesday. Since yesterday he is at home treatment. They gave us a recommendation on a diet and a bunch of vitamins and medicines. We should see the results of the successful treatment in a week, and the second dose of stem cells should be applied within a month at the latest. This treatment costs 9,000 euros plus accommodation costs, vitamins, it would cost us 9500-10,000 euros, says Borjan father Trajce, who sent us photos of Borjan after the surgery. So that Borjan can overcome all the difficulties, go to school, be able to follow classes like all children, tell his dad and mom how much he loves them …, the parents ask for a second chance for seven-year-old Borjan.