Cleanliness of public areas and road network have ranked lowest on a 2019 survey of foreign visitors at border crossings.

People’s friendliness, on the other hand, received the highest rating.

According to State Statistical Office data, the average rating of services by foreign visitors at border crossings in 2019 totals 4.16.

People’s friendliness received a score of 4.53, followed by archaeological and historic resources – 4.51, natural environment – 4.41, restaurants – 4.37, airport facilities – 4.32, entertainment/night life – 4.25, safety – 4.19, health services – 4.19, cleanliness of public areas – 3.71, road network – 3.64.

According to the kind of visit, most foreign nationals surveyed (44.4%) were transiting Macedonia, while 36% visited the country for an overnight stay and 19.6% for a same-day visit.

The structure of foreign visitors at border crossings by kind of visit and age shows that the majority of them were aged 36-42 and were mostly transiting the country.

The majority of people aged 43-50 visited Macedonia for same-day visits, while most overnight stays were registered by those aged 36-42.

According to survey results, foreign visitors spent most money on food and beverages, followed by entertainment, recreation, health, etc., as well as shopping.