A two-minute promotional video featured on Lonely Planet’s travel advice website ranks Macedonia as one of the world’s top active tourism destinations. The video premiered earlier this week, as part of the “Daydream During Covid” series set to inspire global audiences to visit different destinations, including Macedonia.

It was produced by the Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism and the Increasing Market Employability Programme (IME) funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

The promotional video features nature activities in Macedonia during which people can spend time together and yet remain at a safe distance, high on a mountain or deep under water, while sampling food, sailing or kayaking, visiting historical landmarks, vineyards and obscure villages, guided by a single goal: to have an adventure! #alliNMacedonia, the Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism said in a press release Wednesday.

It’s a summary of the 10 promotional videos created by the Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism and the IME Programme as part of the “Doma si e doma” campaign, featuring different activities such as mountain climbing, biking, paragliding, etc. combined with cultural experiences, rural areas and gastronomy.

These activities are part of the Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism and the IME Programme’s joint efforts to support tourism and promote Macedonia as a top active tourism destination. Active tourism is expected to attract both domestic and foreign tourists in 2021, ultimately supporting the development of small businesses, and create new jobs by helping the tourism industry become sustainable, the press release read.

Several months ago, Lonely Planet ranked Macedonia as one of the top 10 countries to visit in 2020.

Macedonia is a renowned gastronomy destination and with the introduction of new flight routes there’s all the more reason to explore. Expect wow-worthy hikes through dramatic peaks and untouched natural wonders, Lonely Planet noted.