The Skopje Appeals Court’s decision to release former Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva under house arrest states that the defendant in “Racket” is a woman and a single mother, with regular medical treatment, unemployed and without property.

The Skopje Appeals Court endorsed the claims outlined in the defendant’s appeals personally and through her lawyer, pointing out that the strictest measure had been imposed against her in order to secure her presence during the proceedings. Namely, the circumstances that the defendant is a woman and a single mother, taking care of her children alone, her health is deteriorating and better conditions are needed for her to receive regular medical treatment and hygiene at home, and to visit a specialist when needed, indicate that the conditions for replacing the detention with house arrest have been met and that the the court council has found that they are well founded and in the concrete case the legal requirements for replacing the defendant’s detention with house arrest and precautionary measures have been met, ”the the Appeals Court said.