For example, it is still there celebrated as a holiday, as they call it, when the first rifle fired against the Bulgarians in October. If you do not change anything from the previous regime of Tito’s Yugoslavia, you cannot enter the EU with the same ideology, because that ideology is directly directed against another EU member state.

This, among other things, was emphasized by the MEP from the ranks of the now opposition GERB, Andrey Kovatchev on the morning show on BTV.

We should be together, as equal members of the EU, but our young generations should not get an education that leads to hatred between them. We cannot accept that, it is a basic European value, part of the basic Copenhagen criteria, Kovatchev said.

According to him, hate speech should be reduced, which comes from textbooks, media and academia in Macedonia.

The education system and the media in Macedonia should start objectifying our common Bulgarian history. That is on behalf of our common European future. There is no way to support the current ideological basis of Macedonia, added Kovatchev.