Big movements are happening in Bulgaria. Nikola Minchev is no longer the Speaker of the Bulgarian Parliament after the MPs voted for his dismissal today with 125 votes in favor. 113 MPs were against. One MP abstained.

The request for his dismissal was submitted yesterday with the signatures of 120 MPs from “There is such a people”, GERB-SDS, DPS and “Revival”.

Among the reasons are violations of the Constitution and the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament, as well as obstruction of the normal legislative activity and implementation of effective parliamentary control.

There is a new majority in the plenary hall, said Minchev.

The Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Kiril Petkov, spoke to reporters in the Parliament a few minutes after Nikola Minchev was dismissed from the post of Speaker of the Parliament.

There is a new majority in this parliament, said Petkov.

According to him, it includes Revival, DPS, other MPs from ITN and GERB. ITN came up with the idea to delete GERB and they voted with them, Petkov explained.

Revival flies flags, and DPS talks about the rights of all Bulgarians and they decided to unite. Everyone is here for political games, there is no morality, but the good news is that all Bulgarians have seen this, said the Bulgarian prime minister.

Everyone who voted against Mr. Minchev made it clear that they do not care about this country, these are marketing companies that lie… We are not afraid of elections, because people who watch right now can have a clear idea of what is happening, said Petkov.

After today’s events, the question is whether this means that Petkov’s government has lost the majority. Yes and no. Formally, this means that they have lost the majority, but if there is a vote of confidence in the Government, the 8 Bulgarian MPs from the “There is such a people” can always jump in and the government to survive.