Dual sovereignty is unacceptable to Serbia, Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic told the state TV (RTS) on Friday commenting speculation that the idea would be put forward at a meeting between top officials from Belgrade and Pristina in Berlin.

He said that dual sovereignty means that north Kosovo will be allowed to organize a referendum in about 10 years. “That solution means that Serbia should recognize Kosovo and that part (the north) would be under dual sovereignty with a referendum at some time. Serbia feels that this is an idea which is unacceptable,” Dacic said.

Dacic said that idea was never put forward officially. He added that he sees no reason for Serbia to accept it. According to him, no draft solution to the Kosovo problem is expected in Berlin but pressure will be exerted to continue the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue. “On our side, things are clear, the tariffs (on Serbian goods) need to be revoked and there will probably be pressure to continue despite the tariffs with Serbia asked to make more concessions,” he said.

The foreign minister said that the meeting in Berlin on April 29 surprised Brussels. The meeting was called at the initiative of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron to bring together the presidents and prime ministers of Serbia and Kosovo.

“Many countries, such as Austria and Italy, are not satisfied with the meeting. Geo-political games are being played not just with Russia and China but also among Western countries,” Dacic said.

Source: http://rs.n1info.com