On Sunday, the day of the local elections, the Novosad police received an order from the “top” not to respond to the reports of members of the opposition and citizens about the events at the Novosad Fair, where one of the largest so-called “call centers” of SNS was discovered.

As soon as the representatives of the opposition lists in Novi Sad noticed that call center which was located at the Novi Sad fair, in the same place where GIK was supposed to count the votes after the elections, they called the police. They asked the police to go to the scene, enter the room where hundreds of young people were locked and check what was really going on.

The answer they got from the policeman on duty was the same: “I will inform my colleagues.”

The police appeared only after an hour and a half, when three vehicles of the intervention unit arrived at the fair, and in one of them was the commander of the intervention unit Nikola Krajinovic. When activists and citizens approached the vehicle and asked the police officers to go outside and enter the “call center” to see what was happening inside, they replied that it was not their responsibility, but the regional regular patrol.

As tensions rose, the police just sat in their vehicles while the activists tried to force their way into the room where hundreds of SNS activists were.

At that moment, the police officers got out of the vehicle and formed a cordon in front of the door. Then there was a physical conflict with the police.

A source from the top of the Ministry of Interior in Novi Sad told Danas that the Novi Sad police had an order “from the top” not to respond to citizens’ reports and not to enter the call center. Some men started running towards the main entrance of the Novi Sad fair with boxes full of documents. , while at the exit a car was waiting for them in which they drove away

The election day in Novi Sad was very stormy, and the biggest incident was the case with the call center of the Novi Sad Fair. The Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that there were no major incidents during the elections, except that members of the police were attacked at the fair, as well as that great material damage was caused to the premises of the Novosad Fair.