Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama launched an emotional appeal to the media to report responsibly after it was revealed that one of the victims of the devastating earthquake in Albania is the girlfriend of his son Greg.

Rama was unable to hold back tears as the news broke. “I don’t want to discuss matters which are linked to my son only. It is a position that is impossible to explain”, Rama said.

Greg Rama confirmed that his girlfriend, her parents and brother were killed in the collapse of a building collapse close to the capital Tirana. At least 35 people were killed in the powerful earthquake, and hundreds are injured across the country.

The Prime Minister issued a warning today to the news sites, TV channels and other media outlets that he may have to be forced to shut them down if they continue to spread fake news and panic among the public. It’s believed that the response is mainly aimed that the predictions of coming, even stronger earthquakes, based on pseudo-scientists.