European Union institutions, with the support of EU leaders, will take the first steps towards the implementation of the Ohrid Agreement together with Kosovo and Serbia in the coming days, European Commission spokesperson Peter Stano told the BETA agency.

The spokesperson of the high representative of the EU, Josep Borrell, said that Belgrade and Pristina are contractually obliged to implement the Ohrid Agreement and the Annex and made it clear that if they do not do so, then they leave the path to the European Union.

Stano recalled that Borrell said that he would “advise both sides in the performance of their work” in the implementation of the Agreement on the Road to Normalization of Relations between Kosovo and Serbia, including the implementation annex.

The EC spokesman underlined that “now the international reputation and trust in Kosovo and Serbia are at stake, so they have to prove themselves as reliable partners for the EU and therefore it is necessary to implement what they promised.”