A mug of coffee, a daily routine for many, costs Macedonian citizens 18.3% higher than a year earlier. The price of coffee in the EU was 16.9% higher, show Eurostat data for August 2022, compared to the same month last year.

For those who drink their coffee with milk or sugar, this morning ritual can be even more expensive and become a luxury as the prices of those items have increased even more over the past year. The price of fresh whole milk in Macedonia has increased by 29 percent, and the price of sugar by 58 percent.

In the EU countries, on average, milk went up by 24.3 percent, and sugar by 33.4 percent, the most in Poland by as much as 109.2 percent.

According to Eurostat data, the prices of coffee, milk and sugar have increased in all EU member states, except for Malta.

Coffee became more expensive in Finland (43.6%), Lithuania (39.9%) and in Sweden (36.7%)

Milk in Lithuania (58.2%), Croatia (41.2%) and in Estonia (38.9%).

Sugar, on the other hand, in the past year became more expensive in Poland (109.2%), Estonia (81.2%), Latvia (58.3%) and in Bulgaria (44.9%).