The assassin Stefan Djukic, who was tasked with liquidating the leader of the Kavak gang, Radoje Zvicer, has a rich criminal record. He does not belong to either the Skaljarski or the Kavak clan, but is considered a hitman.

Changing his identity was not his first time. His real name is Stefan Mandic. Then he changed his last name to Djukic and after the Macedonian Ministry of Interior give him passport with a stolen identity, he became Kace Gergi.

Mandic is currently on the run for planning the liquidation of a group close to Luka Bojovic who has been arrested for smuggling several tonnes of cocaine into Spain.

Last year, Stefan tried to assassinate the leader of the Kavak gang, Radoje Zvicer in Ukraine. He and several others came in front of the complex where Zvizer lives and fired shots while he was jogging. But then his wife Tamara came running and saved her husband who survived with severe injuries.