Macedonia is currently in an impossible position in the European integration process. It’s the conditions set for the country at a relatively advanced stage of negotiations with the EU, and it refers to content in some history textbooks. That’s trespassing into intimate space, it’s something that should not be allowed, and I will be against that, said Croatia’s President Zoran Milanović after the tenth Brdo-Brijuni Process meeting at Brdo pri Kranju on Monday.

“Our role here,” Milanović said, “is to help our neighbors in the region in the European integration process.”

Not everyone is on the same level in the progress of the negotiations. Some are more advanced, some are not. Macedonia is in an impossible position. This is a topic that we did not discuss at all in today’s talks, neither in the text of the joint declaration, nor did the Macedonians insist on it at all. It is about the conditions set for them in a relatively mature phase of negotiations with the EU, and it refers to the content in some history textbooks in Macedonia, said Milanović.

He pointed out that both Slovenia and Croatia had a very lively and dynamic relationship, where Slovenia set some conditions, but, as he said, he never felt or saw that Slovenia wanted to harm Croatia or to prevent or humiliate it.