Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban accused the left wing US billionaire George Soros of funding the movement of migrants through the Balkans, after the Hungarian border was stormed on Tuesday.
About 60 illegals tried to enter Hungary near the Roszke border crossing, but were quickly apprehended.

This is not the first occasion. We have seen this before. It’s not easy to break into Hungary, we have built a tough technical barrier. However, we shouldn’t believe that these people were blown here by the wind. You don’t see women or children among those arriving, these are military-age men in good physical shape, who have been prepared, Orban said on the Kossuth Radio this morning, reminding listeners that there have been nearly 3.500 illegal attempts in January alone.

Orban said that “one would have to be blind not to see that migration in the Balkans is organized by the Soros Network. This is de facto migration consultancy”. Soros has funded numerous groups that push for open borders and provide material and legal assistance to the migrants along the way, as well as media coverage and lobbying in destination countries. Orban warned that there are more than 100.000 would be illegal migrants in the Balkans, before even accounting for the camps in Turkey. He blamed the EU of severely under-funding border protection as “not even providing pocket money”.