Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani said Saturday that communication with Bulgaria has to be constant and intensive. The more we leave room without communications, the easier for someone else to interfere with the communication and kidnap the agenda, which sidetracks us from the course we established back in July, Osmani said.

We agreed to immediately activate the sectoral working groups because next week a team from the two ministries will make a calendar for fixed meetings of the sectoral working groups, the five groups that were formed at the beginning of the year. They will meet once a month to maintain constant communication, and constant monitoring of action plans in the area of cooperation, Osmani said today at a press briefing.

Osmani informs that they immediately agreed on one event with his Bulgarian colleague Nikolay Milkov, and the rest of the calendar, as he said, will be prepared by the teams next week. He informs that they have determined the people from our and the Bulgarian MFA that will meet online this week to determine the calendar.