It is shameful that one NATO member state – Bulgaria, kidnaps two other NATO member states – Albania and Macedonia during a fierce war in the backyard of Europe, said  Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama ahead of the start of the EU – Western Balkans Summit.

He stressed that Albania does not feel like a victim of this process, because as he stressed, there will always be some Bulgaria “here or there” that can block.

At the same time we do not change our course. What we need to do is continue to build Europe at home, Rama said, adding that this may be a new day for Europe, but not for Bulgaria.

He stressed that in the current situation, the “Open Balkans” initiative is the right solution for regional cooperation and that it remains open to all who want to join it.

We will continue on the European path because there is no other alternative, but we must build the European spirit in our region, Rama said, adding that no matter what happens today, Albania will continue to do its job and implement the reforms not because Brussels demanded it but because Albanian children want it.