Laszlo Trocsanyi, the Hungarian candidate for EU Enlargement Commissioner, said that the decision by the Legal Committee of the European Parliament was politically driven and that he will take legal measures against it.

Trocsanyi was rejected by the Committee today, in a 11 to 9 vote, over allegations of conflict of interest.

In a closed session without access to the public, I have answered all questions asked of me in a transparent fashion, in complete harmony with the documents previously submitted. In the case of the Hungarian Commissioner-designate, a political decision was made lacking any factual basis, and I fully intend to take all necessary legal steps against it, Trocsanyi said in a written statement.

The former Hungarian Justice Minister was accused of conflict of interest over a law firm he founded almost 30 years ago, and has since withdrawn from. The novel approach to question the candidates before a Parliament committee was used against him, and the Romanian transportation candidate.

Spokeswoman Mina Andreeva said that this doesn’t necessarily mean that Hungary and Romania will have to propose new candidates. It’s possible that Trocsanyi will be asked to resolve the perceived conflict of interest. It’s also possible that Hungary will be asked to propose a different candidate, or that the departments will be re-shuffled.