Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said Wednesday that the vaccination with the Pfizer vaccine against coronavirus would start on Thursday. The first to receive the vaccine will be residents in nursing homes. They are the most endangered category, so we start with them, he said.

He said that someone of the top state officials will also be vaccinated, as a signal that the vaccine is necessary and good. “Whether it’s me, Ana Brnabic or Darija Kisic Tepavcevic, we’ll see,” he said, adding that this would prove that the vaccine is good.

He said these vaccines were procured bilaterally, independently and that Serbia is probably the only country outside the EU in this part of Europe that managed to procure them. There will be more in February and March. Samples of other vaccines were sent for research,” Vucic said.

“We are starting immediately. Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia (ALIMS) has received samples of other vaccines, they will continue to do their job, and then we expect larger quantities. The vaccine means salvation, the vaccine saved humanity,” Vučić said.

“We expect to get a significant part of vaccines through that COVAX program and through the EU, but we also manage and fight on our own. If everything goes well, I hope that in mid-January we will start mass vaccination, to vaccinate hundreds of thousands of people. If we manage to vaccinate a million people by the end of January, that is a great success”, Vučić emphasized.