Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva distances herself from Angel Dzhambazki’s latest nationalist outburst but at the same time calls on the authorities in Skopje to distance themselves from what she says are “scandalous allegations” by the Slovenian IFIMES institute, which called Bulgaria and Germany mafia states, referring to Nazism.

Bulgaria has no territorial claims to other countries and that has been said many times so far, Zaharieva said.

She reminds that the video of the Bulgarian politician follows the three-day silence by the authorities in Skopje to distance themselves from the “slanderous” publications of the Slovenian NGO IFIMES.

The government in Skopje not only did not condemn those publications, but also called the institute ‘renown’, which with lies attacks two EU member states, Bulgaria and Germany. We also notice complete information darkness in the Republic of Macedonia regarding the Bulgarian demarche over the writings of IFIMES “, adds Zaharieva.