Marina Petrovska and Ognen Karagjozevski were picked to be this year’s bride and groom who will exchange vows at the 46th Galičnik Wedding Festival, set to take place on July 12-14 in the village of Galičnik.

According to Aleksandar Kostic from the organization team of the Galičnik local community at Thursday’s press conference in Skopje, the wedding will be followed by wedding customs and rituals, folk costumes and original songs from these parts of the country, and one thousand visitors from the country and abroad are expected to come.

The patron of this year’s Galičnik Wedding is President Stevo Pendarovski.

The Galičnik Wedding is a world famous and recognized cultural and tourist manifestation, which contributes to the promotion of our country and all its beauties. As organizers of the manifestation, we are pleased that this year, in the best possible way, we continue the ancient tradition of the Mijaks, as part of the Macedonian cultural treasure. That, like the growing number of visitors to this event, is an additional incentive for us to continue to make every effort to maintain it and to constantly enrich it, Kostic said.