The European Creative Orchestra at the FAME’S Institute and the Cuareim Quartet will give a concert at the Philharmonic chamber hall, featuring percussionist and vocalist Natascha Rogers and vocalist Zarina Prvasevda as guests.

The concert will present original compositions inspired by dances from around the world.

The project is part of the FAME’S Institute’s second seminar for young musicians from different European countries.

The seminar focuses on orchestral performance and composition of different styles of symphonic music as well as film scores.

It takes place in the FAME’S studio in Skopje, where international art experts gather with talented classical musicians from countries participating in the Creative Europe program.

Seminar participants work with top conductors, mentors and artists. This year, the FAME’S Institute orchestra in partnership with Skopje Jazz Festival, performed at the opening of this year’s festival together with Rob Mazurek and his Exploding Star Orchestra. Mazurek also taught a masterclass at the seminar.

The project was co-founded by Creative Europe with the support of the European Commission, as part of the Pan-European Cultural Entities 2021-2027 program.

Source: MIA