Culture Minister Husni Ismaili at a government session on Tuesday asked that the Skopje Aqueduct be placed under the protection of the Cultural Heritage Protection Office.

In response to a reporter’s question during Wednesday’s press conference at the Memorial House of Mother Teresa on the extent of damage done to the Aqueduct, Ismaili said the matter should be put in the hands of foreign experts.

“We had some talks at the conservation center and wanted to repair it as soon as possible,” Minister Ismaili said, “but this object is so specific, and one of a kind, that it is the first time that our conservation experts have come across such an enterprise and have no experience with it.”

“So we should call in foreign experts and consult with them on this matter, as they already have the needed experience,” he added.

Ismaili said the Ministry of Culture would provide guards and camera supervision at the site, as well as do anything they possibly can to protect the Aqueduct.