On April 27, Goran Stefanovski’s birthdate, a tree will be planted in his honor at a local park in Debar Maalo as part of an event celebrating the late Macedonian playwright’s life.

The tree-planting ceremony at his favorite neighborhood is meant to symbolize Stefanovski’s spiritual homecoming, according to event organizers.

The celebration of his life will start at noon at the Debar Maalo park and will include an open mic for anyone who’d like to share their memories of Stefanovski.

His favorite music will be played to a background of photos from his childhood to the end of his life.

Also screened will be short interviews, speeches, and lectures Stefanovski had given, as well as video excerpts and images from performances of his plays.

The celebration of Stefanovski’s life will provide people with an insight into his personal life and creative process, organizers add.

“The public knows him as this famous playwright, writer, and sage who walked around with a smile on his face,” the press release reads.

“This is an opportunity for his family and close friends to show his other side, as a father, husband, grandfather, and a lifelong Beatles fan.”

The event is organized by the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, the Municipality of Centar, and Stefanovski’s family in collaboration with the Drama Theater and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts.

Goran Stefanovski (1952-2018) died after a short illness in Canterbury, UK, where he taught screenwriting.

Stefanovski founded the playwriting department at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje in 1986 and was a full professor there until 1998.

He wrote many plays, including Hi-Fi; Proud Flesh; Hotel Europa; Odysseus; The Demon of Debar Maalo; Casabalkan; Tattooed Souls, and Chernodrinski Comes Back Home.