Political dissident and opera singer Igor Durlovski released a new viral musical video. In it, he performs Yellow Leaves (Qviteli Potlebi) by recently deceased Georgian composer Giya Kancheli.

Durlovski, who was tried as “terrorist” by the Zaev regime and refused and offer of amnesty only to be released by the judge who didn’t dare sentence him, dedicates the song to Kancheli.

The nations that are small in numbers and are preordained to wage an eternal struggle to prove themselves give birth to great individuals. A video to remember the great Kancheli, Durlovski wrote as he shared the video for the song.

Малите народи по бројност, предодредени се во вечната борба за докажување да раѓаат големи индивидуи. Видео во сеќавање на големиот Канчели1935-2019.Благодарност до Aleksandar Paunovski што секогаш визуелно ги доловува моите идеи, Stojan Stojanovski за прекрасната фотографија, Martin Pavlovski за шминката и Kokan Dimushevski за аудиото.🇲🇰🇬🇪#GiyaKancheli#YellowLeaves#Galichnik#BeautifulMacedonia#GeorgianMusic

Gepostet von Igor Durlovski am Freitag, 8. November 2019