Marina Petrovska and Ognen Karagjozovski are the bride and groom of the 46th Galichnik Wedding Festival. The couple will exchange vows on Sunday in the church “St. Apostle Peter and Paul” as part of the traditional wedding customs.

The spectacular Galichnik Wedding Festival started on Saturday evening with a song and three shots fired in the valley of Bistra.

The wedding ceremony includes over 30 traditional customs that will unfold in front of the visitors eyes.

Over 100 extras dressed in authentic traditional costumes are there to make sure everything goes as planned.

Folk songs, dances, horsemen and horses are also part of this spectacular cultural event.

Organizers have provided technical support, engaging a staff of over 250 people.

Special traffic rules apply in Galichnik over the weekend, so that visitors can easily follow and enjoy the event.

Organizers have upgraded the live streaming of the event, a service which was introduced last year. This year, the festival will be live-streamed for over 12 hours, across various Internet and TV channels.

The 2019 Galichnik Wedding Festival is taking place on July 12-14. The patron of this year’s edition of the festival is President Stevo Pendarovski.