Prime Minister Zoran Zaev held an e-conference with a number of ministers and local officials yesterday to discuss the dire report prepared by UNESCO, which found that the cultural and natural legacy of Ohrid is under threat.

Zaev tried to blame the previous Government for the over-development of the region and the threats to the unique nature and cultural legacy of Ohrid, and again promised to work to restore the damage. Zaev famously said that he can’t intervene to stop some of the unlawful development because of political reasons, is in coalition with some of the worst violators, and the Mayor of Ohrid from Zaev’s own party even more famously said that he can’t stop over-construction because he could be killed if he does.

Zaev spoke with Culture Minister Irena Stefoska, Environment Minister Naser Nuredini, top infrastructure officials and others to discuss the requests from UNESCO which include re-routing a planned highway, railway and gas link. The Government also plans to increase funding for cultural institutions and preservation in the region.