Today we cannot tell anyone what he will be called. Is his language his own or someone else’s, says the president of the Writer’s Association of Macedonia, Hristo Petreski, who, contrary to the modern Bulgarian denials of the Macedonian language, warns that Macedonians have one language, it was not, is not, and cannot be a dialect of another language.

We simply know who we are and what we are. We speak and write in the Macedonian language and in no other language. Macedonian writers write in the Macedonian language. It is our language. Mother tongue… Native language. My language. And my language, our Macedonian language, is not someone else’s dialect. The Macedonian language has dialects. We have never been, nor will we be someone’s dialect. So we have one language. It is one and only; it is the Macedonian language, said Petreski.