Awards for professional reporting on the situation of refugees and stateless persons were presented on Wednesday in Skopje at a ceremony organized by the Macedonian Association of Young Lawyers, UNHCR, and the Association of Journalists of Macedonia.

Marija Tumanovska received the top prize for her story “Ukrainian Refugees in Macedonia,” published by Radio Free Europe. The second prize was awarded to Simona Petrovska, a journalist from Telma TV, for her piece “When the System Produces Victims – Memet Kamber Lived without ID.” Urim Hasipi won the third prize for his report “Afrim Berisha from Tetovo Bribed to Get Identification Documents,” which aired on Koha TV.

Nita Cavoli, a communications officer at the Association of Young Lawyers, informed MIA that these awards have been given for the tenth consecutive year.

“This recognition is vital because it raises awareness about the suffering and challenges faced by these individuals. Millions of refugees have passed through our country recently, and there are over 700 stateless people here. We are close to resolving most of these cases, and journalists play a crucial role in this effort,” Cavoli stated.

As the world marks World Refugee Day on June 20, Cavoli emphasized the need for empathy and solidarity.

“Let’s make people feel welcome. Beyond persecution and war, the number of people displaced due to ecological reasons is increasing. This could happen to anyone, and we must show solidarity,” Cavoli concluded.
Photo Taken by MIA