The Government decided Tuesday to establish national institution Jazz Music Orchestra in Republic of Macedonia-Skopje.

The institution is expected to create a high-quality Macedonian jazz product, setting new criteria and higher standards on the Macedonian jazz scene, making it unique in the country and abroad.

The main activity of this instituton will be music, namely preparation and performance of pieces in the field of jazz and all related genres, the Government said in a press release.

The institution, it added, will keep talented jazz musicians in the country, ensure their permanent and sustainable engagement, thus creating conditions for them to create top-class works, foster jazz culture, promote Macedonian jazz music in the country and abroad, educate young talents and enthusiasts, organize jazz festivals and events across the country, and network with international organizations in the field.

The Government also decided to establish national institution Gostivar Gallery in the museum field, for the purpose of research, collection, processing, preparation and presentation of museum materials and artwork from the Polog region, with the objective of promoting the significance of the cultural heritage in the area.