Macedonian-Australian 3-Block Studio has released Quarantine, an animated short film about a man who is social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The coronavirus has radically changed our everyday lives, and each individual has their own way of dealing with isolation,” the studio’s press release reads.

Five people collaborated on the animated short.

The story was developed by Jakob Neeland, Mihail Naumov, Ljubomir Sazdovski, and Ivan Andreevski.

Andreevski also wrote the screenplay and directed the film; Naumov did the editing, art design and animation, and Sazdovski did the modeling and lighting. Vladimir Petkovikj wrote the original score, the press release adds.

According to Naumov, “unexpected changes in our work rhythm opened up some space for us to experiment on our own projects, which inspired the idea for the story.”

They were able to produce the short, Naumov said, because the animation team could collaborate from home even while in isolation.

“Luckily,” he explained, “all you need for this kind of work today is a computer, an internet connection, a good team, and a little bit of creativity.”

The team used several filmmaking techniques, from traditional stop motion to digital 3D animation.

Working for the Australian and Balkan markets, Melbourne-based 3-Block Studio is an animation production house specializing in 2D and 3D animation, visual effects, and creating animated characters.