The Macedonian National Theater will present an exhibition looking at the works of playwrights who have contributed to the development of the country’s performing arts.

Titled “From Script to Performance: Macedonian Plays at the MNT Stage,” the exhibit will showcase original scripts; performance, set design, and costume photos, as well as promotional material for the shows.

Featured are works by Vojdan Chernodrinski, Anton Panov, Risto Krle, Vasil Iljoski, Zhivko Chingo, Kole Chashule, Bogomil Gjuzel, Rusomir Bogdanovski, Goran Stefanovski, Venko Andonovski, and Dejan Dukovski.

Since it was formed in 1945, MNT has staged around 400 plays. Over a hundred of them were written by Macedonian authors.

The exhibition starts on April 3. Admission is free.