The National Philharmonic is presenting on Thursday evening The Sound of the Future Generation, a symphonic concert conducted by Borjan Canev and featuring up-and-coming musicians performing as soloists.

They will play pieces by Italian composer Saverio Mercadante, Macedonian composer Duke Bojadzhiev, Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninoff, Finnish composer Bernhard Crusell, and German composer Johannes Brahms.

The young soloists were chosen from students at the national music academies at an audition, organizers say.

They include Jana Kaevska (studying flute under Strasho Temkov), Stefan Iliev (studying trumpet under Vaso Ristov), Ivan Trajkovski (studying piano under Marija Gjoshevska), Angel Selim (studying clarinet under Stojan Dimov) and Eva Bogoevska (studying violin under Oleg Kondratenko).

Later this month, the Philharmonic will also give two open-air concerts at the City Park, on June 23 and 29.