Priests from the church of Sacred Annunciation in Prilep warn that the grand iconostasis, seen as one of the three most valuable such items in Macedonia, is under a severe threat of decay.

The 174 years old elaborate woodcarved wall was made by the group of artists led by Petre Filiposki – Garkata, considered one of the greatest woodcarvers in our history.

The main beams are cracked and eaten through by worms. There is danger it will topple down, we could lose the iconostasis, somebody could even get hurt. Even though it is kept in our church, it is under the authority of the state, the Prilep Museum, and we are not allowed to repair it, said priest Ilco Smileski.

Bishop Petar also calls on the Culture Ministry to do something about the priceless relic, after it rejected a request from the Prilep Museum for funds for the much needed repairs.