Serbian National Theatre from Novi Sad is to perform the play “Who killed Janis Joplin?” on Tuesday evening at the Dolni Saraj stage within Ohrid Summer Festival.

The cast includes Bojana Milanovic, Sonja Isailovic, Stefan Vukic, Dimitrije Arandzelovic, Vukasin Rangelovic, Petar Banjac, Filip Grubach and Igor Sakach.

The director of the play, Sanja Petrovic says that when she thought of making a play about the singer who was an example and inspiration during her adolescence and that she always experienced her as two personalities with two stories.

This play is a tribute to a woman who came to her end to start a new beginning. This show is a tribute to music that no longer exists. Music that has no formula for success, but emotion to share. Music that is not mathematics, but an organic need. I want this play to inspire and help many to be what they are, not what is expected of them or imposed on them as mandatory, she said.