Opera Tosca by Giacomo Puccini, directed by Bulgaria’s Ognyan Draganov will be performed in the Macedonian Opera and Ballet (MOB) on Friday.

Conductor: Ivan Kozhuharov (Bulgaria)
Director: Ognjan Draganov (Bulgaria)
Ass. Director: Trajko Jordanovski
Set design: Zoran Nikolovski
Costume design: Marija Pupuchevska
Concert master: Jane Bakevski
Ass. Choir master: Gjurgica Dashich, Jasmina Gjorgjeska
Piano accompanist:Elena Siljanovska, Jasmina Nevcheva, Andreja Naunov
Stage managers: Ljupcho Polizov, Dragan Kostadinovikj, Marko Pavlevski


Tosca: Vesna Gjinovska Ilkova
Mario Cavaradossi: Calin Bratescu (Romania)
Baron Scarpia: Boris Trajanov
Cesare Angelotti: Ernes Ibaimovski
A Sacristan: Dragan Ampov
Spoletta: Nikola Stojcheski
Sciarrone: Dime Petrov
A Jailer: Dimitar Kozhuharov
A Shepherd boy: Aleksandra Lazarovska Vasilevski

The choir and the orchestra of MOB

The artist Mario Cavaradossi assist his friend, the escaped rebel, the republican Angelotti, by hiding him in the church where he is painting. The chief of police and the agents are on his trail. Scarpia uses promises and threats on Tosca, the beautiful singer and Cavaradossi lover, to say where Angelotti is. Cavaradossi is arrested and sentenced to death. Tosca ‘s beg for mercy is relentless. The sounds of her lover being tortured drive Tosca to beg to know the price of his release. Scarpia will not accept any bribe but Tosca herself. She agrees to betray Angelotti if she and her lover are given documents to escape. Tosca and Scarpia have agreed to stage an execution. Scarpia expresses his love for Tosca, who rejects and stabs him to death. She tells Cavaradossi that the execution will be false , but Scarpia went back on his word prior his death, Tosca tries to wake him up, but it is all in vain since the police is after her, because she has murdered Scarpia, she decides  to commit suicide by throwing herself over escarpment into the river of Tiber.