With the premiere of the film Piargy by Ivo Trajkov the 13th edition of the Philosophic Film Festival begins on Friday. The Director Trajkov is one of the Festival’s exclusive guests, and the audience will have the opportunity to debate the film with him. As an overture to the Festival, there will be a musical performance by Filip Bukrsliev and Andrea Mircesska, considered as emissaries of the New Macedonian Wave of jazz music.

“The film Piargy was screened on several film festivals and won numerous awards, but my wish was for the premiere in Macedonia to be something exceptional. from that aspect, it seems to me that the very idea of a philosophic film festival is something unique and exceeds the borders of Macedonia. The philosophy is present in every film, as a constituent part of life. There are also several philosophical aspects incorporated in the film”, the Director Ivo Trajkov said.