In a special video address, the leader of the ruling ethnic Albanian party DUI, Ali Ahmeti, congratulated The Day of Pan-Savic Educators in the Macedonian language!

Ahmeti never speaks Macedonian, claiming that he doesn’t speak the language well, thus this is a very rare and special event.

“My dear fellow citizens, I congratulate the Day of the Pan-Slavic Educators Cyril and Methodius. Their work bore the contemporary Macedonian language, which is the pillar of the uniqueness of the Macedonian people and our fellow citizens Macedonians. In the spirit of the multi-ethnic society that we are building together, let us remember that we jointly took the responsibility to preserve, cherish, and improve the international articulation of the Macedonian language in the same manner as we do for the uniqueness of the Macedonian identity. May this be a merry holiday!”, Ahmeti said in his first adress of this kind in Macedonian language, after more than two decades of being part of all Macedonian governments.