At the toll stations in the country last year, there was a turnover in the amount of 3,274,387,335 denars (53,242,070 euros), the Public Enterprise for State Roads told MIA. Last year’s revenues are 6.6 million euros more than those in 2021, when they amounted to 46.4 million euros.

On the new toll stations, launched on July 18 last year, Preod and Kadrifakovo on the road section Miladinovci – Sveti Nikole – Stip, the collection amounts to 85,599,333 denars, that is, 72,861,770 denars.

The “most profitable” is the Romanovce toll station, where, according to the data of the Public Enterprise for State Roads, the turnover is 400,174,788.00 denars. 266,361,767 denars have been collected from the toll station of Miladinovci, Glumovo 258,299,622 denars, Gradsko 248,125,247 denars, Zelino 244,476,653 denars, Gevgelija 236,866,875 denars, Petrovec 205,967,358 denars, Tetovo 201,158,891,495 denars, Sopot 195,984,192 denars, Otovica 188,054,352 denars, Demir Kapija 172,813,622 denars and Gostivar 164,536,337 denars.

When comparing the turnover of the toll stations, the price of tolls by category should also be taken into account, as well as the fact that Sopot and Otovica are the only ones that have toll booths in one direction only, and that Preod and Kadrifakovo were opened in July last year.

Electronic billing exceeds 30 percent

Turnover achieved from the electronic collection of tolls through the sale of electronic devices and their additions in the AMC Center, on the other hand, amounts to 333,106,598 denars.

Since the beginning of the introduction of electronic toll collection, from July 2019 until March 1 of this year, the electronic collection has recorded constant growth both in the sale of electronic devices and in their replenishment.

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