After nearly 10 years of domestic and international experience and significant international recognition of my hard work and contribution, I am honored that my knowledge, potential and enthusiasm for change have been recognized to be engaged in our country’s progress. And the honor is even greater because the foundation is completely non-partisan. I see the offer as a chance to be the leader of changes in the country where I plan my future. By accepting this great challenge, I am ready to invest all my acquired knowledge, managerial skills and business experience to best perform this extremely responsible post, making the best-informed decisions for our country and our citizens, quickly absorbing and responsibly acting. I am ready to invest in progressive fiscal policies that will create a strong economy for citizens and keep young people in the country. This is the time of technologies, skills, development of modern entrepreneurship and new business models, digital communications and manufacturing. There where I see the development of the country. Finally, I will do my utmost in promoting fiscal transparency and carefully managing citizens’ money, Angelovska wrote on Facebook after Thursday’s statement by Prime Minister Zaev that he will propose Nina Angelovska as the new Minister of Finance.