Deputy Prime Minister Koco Angjusev has failed to bring the investment in the country over which he will be held accountable for conflicts of interest. Namely, the Polish company, upon whose order the Polish Embassy demanded the lifting the excise tax on the import of lithium-ion batteries for batteries, relocated its investment to neighboring Serbia. Alsat was also confirmed this evening by the head of the Ant-Corruption Commission, Biljana Ivanovska confirmed it Friday evening on TV Alsat’s “360 degrees” show.

The whole case has more history. Koco Angjusev attended a session where the draft decision to lift the excise tax on the lithium-ion batteries was discussed. According to the transcripts, he participated directly in the debate on how the draft decision should be harmonized with the Ministry of Finance. This is the main evidence that Angjusev was not exempt from this draft decision, on the contrary, he participated in it. In the end, the Polish company did not invest in Macedonia, but in Serbia, said Ivanovska.

Hence, the question arises, who should have benefited from lifting the excise tax, the Polish company who invested in Serbia or Angjusev’s companies.