Gas prices will go up by 8,5 percent this evening, the Energy Regulatory Committee decided today.
Gas will cost 57,5 and 59,5 denars per liter (1 EUR = 61 denars), which is an increase of 3 denars. Diesel will be sold for 49,5 denars per liter.

Despite the global oil glut and record low prices, this hike is the third in a row in Macedonia, including the increase of the gas tax by 3,5 denars per liter.

Gas prices grew by 10 denars in just two week as a result of the senseless gas tax hike, said the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party, blaming the SDSM led Government for the series of gas price hikes.

The opposition insists that, in times of economic uncertainty, the low gas prices were one of the few bright spots for consumers and businesses and helped offset costs. But, the prices were artificially driven up in an attempt to plug the growing hole in the 2020 budget.