the State Anti-Corruption Commission (DKSK) announced it will investigate the distribution of stimulus funds to companies hit by the coronavirus crisis, after former Deputy Prime Minister Koco Angusev received over 100.000 EUR in subsidies. The funds are meant for companies whose business was affected by the economic downturn caused by the epidemic.

We are closely following everything that is going on during this state of emergency, especially with regard to the spending of public funds. A lot of money were spent, whether advisedly or not. Some of the recipient companies are in a good financial situation, said DKSK President Biljana Ivanovska, adding that they are also looking into whether officials advising in how the stimulus package is modeled also received funds. Angusev is no longer in the Government but he advised the Government on the program.

She said that the Commission asked the Finance Ministry to provide all data on companies who received coronavirus stimulus funds. Ivanovska said that DKSK will also look into civil society organizations, many of whom are closely linked to the ruling SDMS party, that receive public funds.