The set of measures needs to be improved, it is urgent to help the companies immediately, urgently, now, because there will be no companies that will generate funds in the budget, the president of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce Danela Arsovska said Tuesday on the “Top tema” show.

Assistance should be provided to the most affected, what has been now adopted as a set of measures needs to be improved in terms of access to the funds that companies need to receive, to facilitate access for micro-enterprises. We believe that big companies will find it, but small companies, entrepreneurs, the self-employed, that is, all those who have had problems to secure their livelihoods, their jobs are now being questioned, says Arsovska.

Arsovska pointed out that the set of measures should have had a concrete measure that would apply to all, as the proposal with the minimum wage, with contributions included for the next two or three months, she said.