Implementing multilateral system to facilitate trade and investments, establishing controlled e-trade growth by special contract with emphasis on the needs of SMEs, facilitating access to trade financing, supporting export of services in affected sectors related to tourism and stimulating innovation and development of digital technologies are some of the recommendations of the international advisory group for economic policies.

The group of experts, where President of the Association of Chambers of Commerce, Danela Arsovska, is also a member, will present the recommendations to the G20 leaders so as to alleviate the consequences from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Addressing the e-conference, Arsovska said the private and the public sector needed to cooperate to create a business climate so as to raise the integrity and trust in the institutions for the purpose of economic prosperity.

She said that the recommendations were not intended only for G20 countries. According to Arsovska, they can be applied globally because their implementation can enable more efficient support to the private sector during the crisis, protection of the economy and preparations for future challenges.

Since the beginning of the year, the international advisory group works on preparing economic policies and recommendations, which were finalized at today’s e-conference.

The final document contains four key recommendations to strengthen confidence in the global trade and investment system.

In addition to Arsovska, leaders of the business communities of the United States, China, Germany and France are also part of the group of experts that has created the final set of measures for economic policies.