The association of savers who had deposits in the bankrupt Eurostandard Bank are alleging that its collapse was a clear case of organized crime. Owner Trifun Kostovski is also saying that companies linked to the ruling SDSM party, based in Prime Minister Zoran Zaev’s fief of Strumica, collected credits worth over 12 million EUR from the bank and stopped paying them back, leading to its collapse.

We congratulate the Parliament for investigating the case. We are dealing with organized crime. It’s doubtless and it was confrmed by speakers who attended the Parliament hearing. It’s  not possible that 149 companies holding 72.6 percent of all oustanding loans, all have risky portfolios unless it was a well planned operation, the association of depositors said.

The association pointed to the fact that companies like Sara Engineering, owned by Vice Zaev, Zoran Zaev’s brother, were among those that contributed to the fall of the bank. This company took out a 600,000 EUR loan and in two years didn’t pay a single rate.

Our money were being syphoned into the pockets of the brother of the Prime Minister and his business partners. This makes the scandal so important that it needs to be presented before international stakeholders in Europe. We are being robbed by one of the biggest parties in the country. the association said.