The average family of four in Macedonia needed 47,042 denars (EUR 761) to cover basic needs in July 2022, according to the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia, which notes that one average and one minimum monthly wages put together were not enough to cover these costs.

At the same time, bearing in mind that inflation of 16 percent devalues the value of wages and hence the amount of 18,000 denars, which is the minimum wage in Macedonia, has a real value of 15,120 denars, and the amount of the average net salary of 31,525 denars has a real value of 26,481 denars, which significantly impoverished the Macedonian workers and citizens, say the FTU.

It points out that government policies in just five months from the increase of the minimum wage to 18,000 denars returned its value to the level before March of this year, that is, with one minimum wage workers can only buy food and drinks, as much as they needed in July ( 17,842.91 denars).