How the economic measures of VMRO DPMNE are evaluated, we also consulted businessmen. They are positive about the flat tax reduction measures and the zero personal income tax measure for young people aged up to 29 which means exemption from personal income tax for employment of young people aged up to 29 that have annual net income of up to six and a half thousand euros.

This concept means that it is around 550 euros a month net salary, which is a pretty good thing for young people. So, those two measures are good and positive, because if there are no income tax, that means every company will be relieved of that burden, and that won’t be a TIRZ company, for example, businessmen say.

According to them, the measure to build a network of export promoters for domestic export companies and promoters to attract foreign direct investment is also good.

That means the promotion process to be back as before. If we as a country are present in promoting investment opportunities, it is positive as most of the companies that have come in the last period either came because of previous contacts made by the promoters or came from their analysis of the region. So to continue the process of promoting the state that will contribute to greater awareness of the state so that someone can come and invest, they say.

Mickoski announced that the program envisages putting Macedonia on the Doing Business top 10 list, where in recent years there has been a decline, but also on the Forbes list. For businessmen this should mean a general improvement of the business climate.

It is a general improvement of the business climate and improved conditions for doing business and greater local competitiveness. This means that it is not about statistics says, but of having real visible things, which means having a dialogue with the business sector and addressing the problems or difficulties that companies face.