The government unveiled Sunday the third set of economic measures aimed at recovering domestic economy hit from the coronavirus outbreak.

The set of measures was adopted at Sunday’s session of the government. Its estimated amount stands at EUR 355 million or 5.5% of GDP and is intended to 730,000 beneficiaries, interim Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski said at Sunday’s news conference.

Spasovski said that the set of measures is aimed at recovering economy, stimulating consumption and industry and is direct assistance from the state to citizens and the economy.

He noted that the third set of measures was adopted in consultation with the experts, members of the chambers of commerce and trade unions.

Spasovski explained that the measures are direct financial support to stimulate consumption, reward for physicians and medical staff of infectious disease departments.

The new set of measures will apply to all socially vulnerable groups, the unemployed persons, the health sector employees as well as other categories of citizens.

Under the new set, EUR 16 million are allocated for payment cards for about 100,000 citizens. They will receive a payment card amounting to MKD 9,000 (EUR 150) for buying Macedonian products. All unemployed persons or those who do not receive over MKD 15,000 (EUR 243.7) monthly income or recipients of guaranteed minimum assistance will be able to receive cards.

About 100,000 citizens will receive vouchers for domestic tourism amounting to MKD 6,000 (EUR 100) and a home payment card worth MKD 3,000 (EUR 50). This measure is intended for all employees that receive monthly net salary less than MKD 15,000 (EUR 243.7) and have no other income, he said.